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Is it more Difficult for Big Girls to Find a Man?

Is it truly more difficult for curvy women to find a partner or is this just a misconception?

After five years of being a steady single finding myself alone between smooching couples at Christmas markets, at restaurants, in concerts etc. I slowly but surely start wondering I still haven’t found Mr Right.


If you lose some weight you may find the right partner within shortly, because you have such a beautiful face.


I hear such talk every now and again. But let’s face it: why should my weight have an impact on finding a partner who loves me? Wouldn’t we want to be with someone who’s falling for the total package instead of criticizing us all day? Yet, it happened to me dating men who thought I was great. We’ve had excellent times but after all, I was too chubby for a relationship. “10 kilos less” and then it would fit.

Incredible how shallow some people are and how susceptible to the society’s manipulation. Why can’t they just admit to preferring curves? I’m sure that in such cases it’s not because of 10 more kilos but rather because of men’s fear that a big girl could harm their image. Men stick to status symbols: good job, fast car, big house and, ideally, a gorgeous and slender girlfriend. Men thinking this way, attaching more importance to a good standing than to be happy with their partner can go to blazes anyway! I find it shocking that so many men are not man enough to express what they want and loyally adhere to their choices.

I’m sure that there are men who only fall for slender women. But in return, there must be as many preferring curves. Where’s the problem? If I look around me, I see many curvy friends being in a happy relationship for years. And on the other hand, my slender girls who haven’t found anyone for ages. I can’t draw parallels between slender = in a happy relationship, chubby = nobody wants her..


But what is it? Maybe just an excuse?

I can’t admit that being curvy should be a dealbreaker. Gorgeous girls, as well as intelligent women, have always difficulties, in general, finding a partner. Maybe it’s more difficult if you are gorgeous, intelligent and on top a bit curvy because you just don’t appeal to some men. Because they are silly, too ugly or just cowards. Sorry guys, but to many of you, beauty seems to be more important than a great personality.

Conclusion: Supposedly curvy women feel it being more difficult because many men seem to prefer a slender girlfriend instead of a curvy. These idiots are not on our radar anyway. And therefore, we should keep on appreciating our life as a single and enjoy its advantages to the max. And then, someday when we least expect it, the one will show up. The one who wants us just as we are because, in the end, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and personality as well. Thus, it’s not because of our extra pounds that we are still single.

Translation: Danielle De Bie