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Candlelight, Good Reads, and Tea: Welcome Snugly Fall!

Pumpkin, musk, firewood, and lemon – what does fall smell like to you?

It’s the time of the year to snuggle and cuddle down to your whim. Light a candle, make a cup of tea and grab a good book that has been kicking around for too long. That’s what snuggly fall is for.

We’ll take you through our favourite scented candle selection, introduce you to the best autumn books and provide you with some tasty tea recommendations for snugly evenings in fall.


Snugly Fall: Candle Favourites


A new season seems like the best excuse for buying new candles. Fall is the season for candle lovers, above all. What would you like? The classic Yankee Candle? Or do you prefer the Village Candles? Or are you crazy about the ones of Colonial? Here come our snugly fall favourites.


WARM CASHMERE by Yankee Candle

      • What’s inside: amber, cardamom, cashmere wood, musk, sandalwood, orange, white patchouli, French vanilla
      • Smells like: fresh and warming, like a lovely hug
      • Why we love it: because fall cries for hugging and this scent feels like home


AUTUM GLOW by Yankee Candle

      • What’s inside: amber, fresh herbs, fall blossoms, patchouli, fresh lemon, Tonka bean
      • Smells like: a sunny autumn day
      • Why we love it: Because the name is great and at the first smell you’d know that this scent is very special


INDIAN SUMMER by Village Candle

      • What’s inside: persimmon, pumpkin, and clove
      • Smells like: hmm, very tasty, puts you in the mood for pumpkin cake
      • Why we love it: because it smells like warm autumn days and sweet memories


FIRST FROST by Village Candle

      • What’s inside: jasmine, cane sugar, lemon, lemon leaves
      • Smells like: like a breeze of fresh air, a cool morning in fall
      • Why we love it: because it feels like smelling the first frost


SPARKLING BIRCH by Colonial Candle

      • What’s inside: woods, cinnamon, cloves, musk, vanilla
      • Smells like: smoky and sweet
      • Why we love it: because of the richly decorated glass and the indefinable special scent


AUTUMN BLISS by Colonial Candle

      • What’s inside: dewberry, Italian bergamot, tangerine, acai berry, cyclamen leaves, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, warm amber
      • Smells like: berry-sweet yet fresh
      • Why we love it: because it feels like walking through an autumn forest


Snugly Fall: Tea Trip around the World


When the beautiful scent of lighted candles fills the room, it’s time to sit back and … unwind. All in line with this snugly fall feeling. Make a tasty tea or go even on a culinary trip around the world. The Tee-Collection of Teekanne takes you to Turkey, New York, Japan – all that without ever leaving your sofa.


Snugly Fall: Good Reads


By reading a good book, you can dream yourself away. You could get romantic, laugh to tears or get the creeps – the new fall must-reads suit every taste. Together with a hot tea, a good read intensifies the snugly fall feeling.


Sophie Kinsella: My not so Perfect Life

The author of the “Shopaholic” series has released a novel about beautiful halo – and tells us why it’s worth to have a look behind the seemingly so perfect façade in times of Instagram & co.


Stephen King: The Dark Tower – The Gunslinger

In the first book of King’s epic fantasy series, Roland, the last gunfighter, is wandering through a dying world searching for the mysterious dark tower. (app. 10 Euros/Heyne)


Anna George: What came Before

“What came Before“ is a captivating thriller about the mortal risk one takes when falling in love. Dark, disturbing and shocking (app. 10 Euros/BTB)


Nicholas Sparks: See Me

There’s no better romantic writer: with “See Me” success author Nicholas Sparks tells his fans his latest love story. (app. 10 Euros/Heyne)


Mandy Baggot: One Christmas in Paris

The perfect read to get in the forthcoming Christmas mood. Warm-hearted, winterly, wonderful – for happy end lovers. (app. 10 Euros/Goldmann)

Translation: Danielle De Bie