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Winter, We Love You!

A declaration of love to the most disliked season of the year.

That’s why I love winter so much!

Lorelai Gilmore once said that winter is “the most magical time of the year“ – and I agree. Because when it’s getting cold outside, the leaves are falling off the trees and we finally can hope for the first snow, I come alive. To me, winter is something very special. I love wearing my boots, put on my beanie and go for a lonely walk in the snow.



As soon as the first snow falls, I’ve got ants in my pants: I must go out! While most people are sulky watching the drifting snow and walk through the cold with sad faces, I’m watching the sky with sparkling eyes. Suddenly, the usually busy streets are empty, the world is slows down, becomes quiet and I get this feeling of inner peace and satisfaction, which I don’t know otherwise. When I see the white crystals melting on my jacket, I’m happy much like a child. Bad temper? Not with me when it’s snowing.

Even the argument that snow means chaos in a big city doesn’t count for me. As a Berliner, I’m used to it. I must admit though, that the kids who live in the countryside can enjoy the white splendour much longer. Due to the rush and the many cars in a big city, the snow turns too quickly into black mud.

But is this enough reason to do without? It’s out of question! I’m enjoying these moments too much. Pictures in the snow are a must for me just like a hot chocolate after a long walk through the cold. Of course, I caught a cold by walking the streets through the drifting snow for too long. But it was worth it somehow.

Because: if I do not welcome the snow friendly – who does it instead? To me, winter is and remains magical. And one of the reasons is the snow without a doubt.

Translation: Danielle De Bie