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Love Hurts in Times of Tinder – Guest Author Stella about the Dating App

Everything is available online these days, even the dad of your future kids!

Hard to believe but, a simple “hi, how are you?“ is enough these days to a) start flirting, b) to have a drink with someone, c) a sex date after just a few minutes or d) to find Mr Right.

Tinder is the key. At the beginning, you indicate whether you like men, women or both genders and… in two shakes, you get introduced to hundreds of men and women in your immediate vicinity, and in the weirdest ways: naked, with an Ikea lamp between the legs, a duck face miming selfies, men surrounded by a bunch women or cute little zoo animals. What the majority loves most is showing the places where they’ve been traveling to, a well-trained six-pack and most importantly: their size! “Somehow, 1 meter 78 seems to be important here” reads down the picture. You’d know instantly that this guy has an opinion and knows exactly what he wants…

Whether the somewhat funny quotes and phrases indicate more brain activity is open to question. Maybe it’s better to just note some hobbies or a smiley. Or the up-and-coming profession, every other one calls himself a proud “entrepreneur”. And time and again lucid pilots are crossing your way: “Hey, beautiful, I’m a pilot, let’s fly together to cloud nine”.

In the end, everyone just sticks with the pictures. It’s the look that counts with this app, after all. Tinder is the most superficial flirting app that exists on the planet. However, or even because of that, it counts 20.000 worldwide downloads every single day. And there are 20 billion matches, unbelievable but true! Some just want to test their market value, they’d never meet anyone in real life.

For someone who’s feeling lonely or for people who are looking for some affection, who want to have fun or meet new people, the app is ideal though. It has never been so easy: by swiping to the left or right you decide, whether you like someone or not. If the person behind the picture likes you too, there’s a match. Bing!




Text Messaging Deep-Down-and-Dirty:

“Hi …. Hi, how does it go … Want sex?”, seem to be the men’s most common chat up lines. Things have come to a pretty pass! Via an app, sex is just a few swipes and some “hi, how are you” away. It’s never been easier! Since there’s Tinder, only a few men take the trouble to reach out to a woman in real life, too big is the risk of getting a brush-off. It’s far better to deal with it from home, comfortably sitting on the toilet there’s no risk at all. OK, it’s certainly not always that easy, and I’m sure that some Tinder users have been facing awful date tortures.

On the other hand, you’d hear about dream dates, love at first sight, weddings and about those Tinder kids. Basically, everyone is dreaming about finding the love of life, just by coincidence right on the next corner, and about living together happily ever after. But the new generation is not about that, everyone is nonstop staring at the mobile phone while moving or waiting. Given this fact, it’s rather tricky to detect the would-be love “en passant”. Too bad, but no big deal, it’s certainly somewhere hiding inside the mobile phone, you only need to browse long enough.

The first match comes easy, the second one too. And that’s the problem. Everyone becomes replaceable, as soon as something is wrong, one swipe… and out of your life. Next. I doubt that everyone is tindering with the intention to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. It just happens, you’ll meet, you’ll like each other, go to the movies, to the zoo, have dinner, to the Netflix Chill’ Night and whoosh – you’re in love! Even Tinder dates can lead to beautiful relationships, I know some of them. Let’s be real, instead of living lonely because of not meeting anyone, being too coward to speak to someone or because no one is reaching out, it’s far nicer to have a good and happy life with someone at your side, who loves you. And the majority does not really care about where you have met. Once, you’re in love, nothing else counts.

It’s important to be aware of your purpose of signing in to Tinder.

If you’re really looking for a serious relationship and anything else is out of question, then refrain from uploading sexy bikini pictures or photos showing you partying with a bunch of men. A hearty laughter is more popular than a pout, by the way. To prevent misunderstandings, you better show a full-body pic. Hard to believe but more men than society would expect to seem to love curves. If you don’t have one at your fingertips, or if you don’t dare to show completely, then just give a mention in your profile like “some extra of everything”, “curvy girl”, “bon vivant” or similar… your fantasy is the limit.

Thanks to Tinder you could certainly think some warm thoughts this upcoming cold season. A fun short-term or a long-term liaison makes a welcome change from single life or can work wonders after a long relationship. Any kind of relationship between two individuals is about emotions and, women still fall easier in love and are rather looking for a relationship, whereas most men are longing for physical intimacy.

Give it a try, the app is free and using it a lot of fun. Nearly everyone has had at least one Tinder date these days, and there’s nothing bad at it. If you meet someone and the date doesn’t work, you’ve gained an experience and have another funny story to tell at least. And who knows… maybe you’ll find Mr. Right at Tinder and you’ll live happily ever after in a beautiful house with two beautiful kids, life is like a box of chocolates 😉


My tip: Walk the streets with your eyes wide open and try to perceive the surrounding people. If you like someone, give him/her a smile. Maybe we don’t need to abandon our dream of meeting someone coincidentally in the streets.


Here you can get the Flirt App for your iPphone and here’s the Android Version. Funny flirting!

Translation: Danielle De Bie