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Netflix & Chill – Our Top 7 TV Series

Spoiler Alarm: #bingewatchsunday

We love to stay in bed on Sundays. Do you too? What goes best with cosy blanket and pizza? An addictive TV series. You can easily get lost in the Netflix jungle. That’s why we’ve compiled our personal top 7 for you. Drama, comedy, romance or sci-fi, there’s something for any taste. And we guarantee: impossible to get away with these!


The Crown



The royal life and the burden of the crown: Queen Elizabeth II is in the centre of the Netflix saga The Crown. If you’re anticipating a spectacular soap opera you’ll be deceived though. The series comes as an earnest, sombre, and thrilling political drama. What made Elizabeth accede to the throne in 1952? How did she feel during the first years of her reign? Questions that the series answers impressively true-to-life, in words and pictures.


Chewing Gum



Protagonist Tracey grows up in a poor East London neighbourhood. She’s 24 years old and due to a strictly Christian education a virgin still. On friends’ sexual innuendoes she reacts hyper-nervous and innocent. But this is about to change: Tracey moves out to finally discover what her mother has kept back for years. The masterplan: finally enjoy life to the full! The results are second-hand dildos and masses of ketamine. You’ll laugh yourself to tears!





After a chlamydia infection, Dylan tries to pass the sorrowful message to his past sex partners in alphabetical order. And then, there’s his ex-flatmate Evie, who’s been secretly in love with him for a long time. The catch is: she’s engaged. A love affair between Dylan and her seems desperate. Will the story have a happy ending yet? Find it out!

Black Mirror



The dubious black mirror hangs on everyone’s wall, stands on everybody’s table or lies in every person’s palm. What’s meant is the reflecting dark screen of your TV, computer or smartphone. Black Mirror puts our digital day-to-day-behaviour to the test and draws a scary picture of our future. Director Charlie Brooker explains it like this: “If technology is a drug, what are its side-effects? This sphere – between pleasure and anxiety – is the stage of my new series.“ Pure dystopia? Or already a reality?





Five adolescent delinquents have to fulfil hours of community service at a civic centre. Suddenly, while painting benches, a violent storm is brewing, and the five get struck by lightning. When they woke up, nothing is what it used to be – each of them has supernatural powers: thought-reading, invisibility, time-travelling and immortality. But these new super blessings turn out to be a curse fast. Dazed and overwhelmed they get caught up in the maelstrom of violence, drugs and sex. Superman story? Not bloody likely.


The End Of The F**king World



James is 17 years old and convinced of being a psychopath. Bored by killing animals, he’s planning his first human murder. The new student Alyssa, who falls in love with him, quickly attracts his interest. They run away from home together. In the midst of violation, assassination and chaos, a policeman keeps track of them and gets closer. An exceptional, thrilling love story that will catch you.

Translation: Danielle De Bie