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Our music tip of the month: Alina

Good music should not be kept to yourself! Our music tip of the month!

Believe us, you will never forget this person. A little pun, because Alina’s song is called “Never Forgotten”. A song with absolute catchy character. Alina makes pop music you never heard before. She sings songs that focus on her own vulnerability with merciless openness and turn the inside out. And the first thing that strikes you is her incredible voice. She herself describes them as follows: “A nuanced, warm timbre that reliably straightens neck hair in rank and file.” We can only agree with that. Here is a small sample:



Now Alina starts her tour through Germany and a ticket is worth it in any case. You can find all information here.

18.04. Frankfurt
19.04. Stuttgart
21.04. Hamburg
22.04. Hanover
24.04. Cologne
25.04. Munich
27.04. Berlin

On Instagram you can watch the interview with Alina! First we noticed her great red hair and her super nice smile. Plus: Your cool, stylish look! A self-confident woman who has never stopped believing in her dream and loves herself as she is!

And believe us! You’ll see a lot more of Alina on the Curvy Magazine soon. Stay tuned!