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Kick-boxing is not for curvy ladies? As if!

Many people hardly get that obese people do sports just because they like it and not necessarily for losing two to three sizes. But fortunately, a lot is changing in this field. Another prejudice is that boxing is not for women… a vital error too! We’ve met beauty editor and amateur kickboxer Mabel Neumann for an interview.


The Curvy Magazine: How did you get to kickboxing?

Mabel Neumann: „”I needed two attempts. 15 years ago, a friend took me to his kick-boxing studio. I was immediately fascinated but then was hurt and had to take a break. Three years ago, during lunch break, I had a chat with a colleague about it and decided spontaneously to give it another try. And although a few years had passed, I recalled the positive effect of the training and how fit I used to be back then.“


The three things you like most about kickboxing?

Mabel Neumann: „“I love to burn off energy. I’ve was ever bored by yoga or alike. I need to move and go to the limit. I appreciate that kickboxing is a full-body-workout and that you build muscles quickly. Thanks to my toned and defined body, I’m a lot more self-confident than a few years ago. And I’m proud of my condition. During my first training, I could hardly breathe, but I didn’t give up and hold up to two hours easily.“


Three prejudices that female (amateur) boxers meet regularly?

Mabel Neumann: “Of course, there are many stereotypes. Women are quickly perceived to be aggressive or manly. Many people think that boxing is a sport for bullies who like to provoke and who ask for trouble. It’s the total opposite: When you burned out your energy, you play it a lot cooler in your everyday life. At a push, I could easily defend myself, though.“




Did you ever join a real fight or do you still train with punching bags?

Mabel Neumann: ”I didn’t have a real fight so far. But I’m training in sparring courses against other boxers. It’s highly recommended to start technique training with a punching bag, though. The basic figures and combinations need to become a routine before you start fighting against someone in the “sparring hours” – but relaxed and under a coach’s supervision. During these hours, you quickly learn from your mistakes. If your cover is down, the opponent gets through and hits your nose. This way, one learns to apply the techniques in the right manner to then approach a fight step-by-step.“


What would you recommend to someone who’d like to start kickboxing?

Mabel Neumann: “In the beginning, it doesn’t need more than the pleasure to move and to burn off energy. And don’t pull the pin if something doesn’t work or if the condition is missing. If you stick to it, the success comes quickly. The equipment doesn’t require high investments. Hand bandages to protect the knuckles, boxing gloves and flat shoes, to prevent from twisting the ankle, are mainly important. Regular sportswear is sufficient otherwise. A mouthpiece, shinguards, helmet and a jock strap for the men is only needed once you start with sparring.“


Is it the right sport for women’s typical training goals? Or is there the risk for a huge biceps?

Mabel Neumann: ”Nobody needs to be afraid of this. Boxing is not bodybuilding. It’s a fitness training that trains the entire body. You burn fat, tone and define your body without building a muscle overload. In my opinion, there’s no better sport for women – especially for curvy women.“


So? Got a taste for it? Many boxing studios in Germany offer special courses for women. And to make sure you get there in the right outfit, you’ll find the best kick-ass looks here! Have fun!

Translation: Danielle De Bie