© Priscilla Du Preez

That’s what Men Like for Real!

Never ending legs, long blonde hair, and a perfect ten – are these men’s secret fantasies?

Hello, spring! Hello, spring fever! With the first sunbeams, we’re overwhelmed with emotions and see enamoured couples everywhere. You’re still on your own wondering what men really like? Well, I have the answer!

With Julia’s help, I’ve asked more than 100 men in Germany for their opinion. The answers are everything but standardized.

The idea of a perfect woman’s look was not raised by men but by the media. That’s easily comprehensible by observing the past when different body shapes were “desirable” in certain centuries or decades. While the pursuit of thinness is hard to find in the intercultural and historical comparison, curves act as the epitome of femininity ever since.

Recent studies even show that more than fifty percent of people of 62 cultures interviewed find big women more attractive, while slender women represent the minority on the attractiveness scale with only 20%. Even a double chin was considered sexually attractive at certain times. It’s crazy how media lead is to doubts about what could be wrong with us. But don’t you worry, in a minute you’ll learn about what men and women find attractive for real!

How make women men go nuts? With a deep neckline? Or a hot booty? With stunning curves or a certain hair colour?

The first answer is: everything is correct because we’ve heard all of these answers but the most important one is: the look!
Yes, you’ve heard it right. It’s your eyes, or, to be more precise, the way you look. Wow, is it that easy? Really? Why didn’t we know before?


The way she looks at me, that’s how she drives me nuts – Jan, 32


That used to be one of the most common answers. If we think about it, it seems quite logical, isn’t it? How many times our pretended innocent look has led our men to do whatever we wanted? How many times we’ve provoked men with our looks? And how often we’re flirting without saying a word, just with a glance? And what’s best: most of the times it happens unconsciously (who would use his eyes as a weapon?). Girls, you’ve got the power! You can bewitch every guy with just one look, fantastic, isn’t it?

But on top of a magical look there are some more things that men find extremely attractive:

  • Charisma
  • Facial expression and gestures
  • Walk
  • Sweet smile
  • Curves
  • Beautiful face
  • Accept compliments
  • Spirit of adventure
  • Intelligence
  • Long hair
  • Neck
  • Neckline

On top of the list is the topic self-confidence. Men like women who love themselves as they are. It’s in your eyes, by the way. Thus, beware of the dose, too much can quickly be understood as arrogance.

What’s unpopular amongst men as well are yoga pants, ignorance, a bad breath, always talk badly about your own body, vegetarians, strong body hair or starfish sex (sex in missionary position where girls lay inactive on the bed with her legs spread).

That’s our evaluation of approx. 100 German men. Tastes are different and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Thus, don’t you worry, every man is attracted by different female attributes and therefore, every Jack will find his Jill one day.


Men don’t like photoshopped stereotype women. Therefore, stay as you are but keep your eyes open! When you look at your counterpart during your next date, imagine that you’re having headlights under the eyes. That makes you look awake, alert and interested. And: you’ll shine like crazy. No men could resist, that’s promised!

Translation: Danielle De Bie