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The Big Taboo: Masturbation. Why Not?!

Why do we seldom or even never talk about masturbation?

Although our sexuality is the most natural thing, it is inherent after all, many don’t have the guts to talk about it or to try it out. Some are even ashamed of themselves. Why is that? Since sex is the most normal thing in the world.

Is it because of our education – think of: religion? Or why does it seem to be such a big taboo issue?! Considering that topics like sex and partnership have the most clicks online is it funny somehow. No big deal on the anonymous internet, but it is in the real world. Crazy, isn’t it?.

According to me, masturbation is one of the most beautiful things that exist in the world. It provides a wonderful feeling and, in my opinion, self-confidence. And: People who are paying attention to themselves and like to masturbate have not only sexual advantages for themselves but also better sex with their partner. Only a woman who knows how she can come can tell her partner what stimulates her.


During my research, I came across an interesting survey, where women/girls were asked about how many times they had sex with themselves (1.515 answers):

I (f) never masturbated yet. 11%
I (f) didn’t masturbate this year yet. 2%
I (f) currently masturbate once a month. 7%
I (f) currently masturbate two to three times a month. 13%
I currently masturbate one or several times a week. 36%
I currently masturbate one or several times a day. 31%


As you can see, the whole range. This states that shouldn’t be such big taboo issue! We’re talking about masturbation of women! For men, it’s not an issue but the most natural thing in the world! It figures!

And of course, it’s always a matter of taste. Some people don’t want to masturbate throughout their lives, others do it several times a day. One way or the other is perfectly fine. Everyone is free to decide however he’d like to deal with it. You’re neither weird nor abnormal if you don’t play with yourself, and it’s not bad at all to indulge in lust several times a day.

I can’t imagine a life without masturbation 🙂 Especially since the sex toy Satisfyer. The name says it all, whoever will try it out will rave about orgasms never felt before. Heavenly pleasures! Watch out the risk of addiction! Meanwhile, there’s even a Satisfyer version for men… that’s what I call equal rights!

A vibrator can be highly recommended as well. You can use it on your own or together with your partner to massage the entire body or, perhaps, a few intimate parts as well. Convenient for couples and singles too: a couples vibrator. Some have a remote that allows for stimulation without doing it oneself.

Or do it the traditional way, with the hand or a dildo.

Whatever way you choose, if you want to play with toys or do it with your hands, everything is okay. Thus, take some time to explore your body or even try out different positions. It can only become more intense, and you will learn the dos and don’ts. And above all: talk about it! With your partner and with your best friends. This kind of exchange is a definite benefit! And nobody will kill you, and you won’t go to hell 😉

In this sense, keep on the good job!

Translation: Danielle De Bie