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This Thing about Lust: Do Curvy Women make Better Lovers?

Since this question was raised quite often these days I kept on discussing the issue with different men. They all agreed: “Curvy women make better lovers!”

I hear the slender girls shrieking out, saying: “Wait a minute, sorry, are you kidding? You can’t tar everyone with the same brush!” Okay, you’re right, we can’t put all eggs in a same basket, BUT:

According to a survey of bed manufacturer „Silentnight“  89% of the men think that curvy women are better in bed! So, does it mean that sex gets better with every additional kilogram? How can it be?

On the one hand, curvy women have that certain something more, more to be touched and to be explored. On the other, their skin is a lot softer, and their curves prevent men of bumping into bones while having sex – which can be painful at times. And then, feminine curves have always been associated with fertility. It’s said that women with childbearing hips give birth to strong children and can nurse them well. Thanks to medical progress and assistance this is no longer as important as it used to be. Nevertheless, men have deeply ingrained this feeling, which explains why they are instinctively attracted by curvy women.

Many curvy ladies may think, they’re not beautiful or sexy enough and therefore the sight of their naked body would not suffice to make their partner happy (even if I haven’t met any single guy who would have kicked a woman out of his bed, no matter if she was slim or curvy). So ergo, curvy women are going the extra mile in bed, thus score better than a slender woman who might be aware of her beauty and the power of her naked body, and who therefore makes less effort to please her partner.


“Men generally think less while having sex. We should follow their lead and just live the moment and let go.“


I think, it’s a delicate issue and women are quite sensitive in this respect – it takes some time to trust someone, who makes us feel the most beautiful woman in the world when we’re naked and not wearing make-up. But when the time comes, the situation eases down and we have the best sex ever, regardless of size.

Thus, by and large the answer is: yes, to please their partner to the max, curvy women go that extra mile and score better. And voluptuous women are “bon vivants”, with heart and soul, making them earn Brownie points.

In the end, it’s a very personal matter. Some are very sexual, voracious and eager to experiment, others prefer romantic vanilla sex. But, let’s face it, ladies: we can only be as good as our team mate! And when nothing comes back, even the hardest effort is a dead loss.

The best is to get rid of any negative thoughts on who is how good in bed and to stop asking ourselves if our breasts are too big or too small or if we should suck in our stomach – it’s time to relax and enjoy the beautiful moment with Mr. Right. If you do and let yourself go you’ll soon be better in bed because your energy, attention and passion will fully focus on just one thing: your lust. And who could be better in bed than a woman who wants to make love, big time?



25 years old Stella Sieger is an actress and curvy model from Munich. She loves fashion and enjoys playing with her femininity. “No matter if slender, normal or curvy, we all can be fashionable and elegant!” As a guest writer she wants to show you how beautiful both fashion for ‘normal’ sizes and fashion specially made for curvy women can look on a size 42/44. Get inspired by Stella! 

English Translation: Danielle De Bie