© Victoria Palacios

Time for a digital spring cleaning

There can be a lot of ballast on our smartphones – it’s time to shake it off.

Thanks to the first rays of the sun, the world is screaming for action. I’m the only one lying lazily in the sun and don’t even want to think about the upcoming spring cleaning. This year’s large-scale cleaning will not only take place in my own four walls, but above all on my smartphone. Or rather, Instagram.

I can clean the hammock while lying down without leaving my place in the hammock. How many accounts do I actually follow that no longer interest me, or that just lower my spirits? I don’t have to be presented with all the steel bodies and brand-new shopping loot. I’ll never look like this anyway and I won’t get a new designer handbag every week.

I prefer to follow food bloggers and yogis who radiate a good mood. With a few clicks I struggle my way through the influencer salad. There is a small but fine number left, which I would not want to miss.

Sooner or later I will have to swing the cleaning rag – the dust layer on my shelves is not at all suitable for instagrams. So water and mobile phone gone! The technical companion has already taken on far too much importance in my life anyway. From time to time you should insert a digital detox to perceive the environment with all your senses.

The first window shines in its full glory again, when a notification arrives – my smartphone starts to vibrate. The temptation is too great and my fingers are already flying across the display. If I have the thing in my hand, I may as well look for a new shell. After all, what would spring be without a suitable spring wardrobe for your smartphone?