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Tips by Charlotte Kuhrt @beautynotsize

Charlotte is a plus size model, a blogger and she used to be our first cover girl. She’s a role model for many girls and thus, we’ve asked for her top tips for every situation.

Time and again I’m getting messages and I’m asked for tips and advice on how to cope with certain circumstances. Thus, I’ve tried to sum up the most frequent ones.

1.  Let’s face it, we all know that particular feeling, when our thighs seem to love each other a bit too much in summer, sticking together all the time. I’ve heard too many times that this prevents women from wearing dresses. The simplest way of avoiding the rubbing is to apply a roll-on on the inner thigh and to renew it during the day if needed. What a lifesaver!

2. I get many questions about shopping, especially dressing rooms and their unfavourable lighting situation cause a lot of frustration. I simply avoid this problem by taking cloths, particularly underwear and swimwear, home to try them on quietly and with the right lighting.

3. That leads straight to the next point: I love online shopping for a very good reason. To see a style worn by a model is a big help, especially when I’m shopping curve collections. In addition, the model’s measures and sizes are often specified, in most cases this avoids bad buys and unpleasant surprises. Furthermore, it’s easier and far more relaxed to try the cloths at home, and to see them possibly combined with your own favourite pieces. Many of you know that Asos is my absolute favourite, their Curve and Tall collections are just great, but also their „normal“ collections are offered in relatively big sizes.



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1.  Find your silhouettes! Each body is different thus, everyone needs to find her own perfect fit. If you want to venture into new territories I recommend to choose a simple version first. If, for example, you’d like to finally give a dress a try, start with a knee-length wrap dress. It flatters most figure types and makes you look very sexy without showing too much. If you feel comfortable, then you can try a tighter pencil skirt or a shorter, swinging Boho skirt.

2. I’m mostly shocked when I’m asked how one could be happy with her curves. A more detailed post about this topic will follow, but let me say this: happiness is not about your body! First and foremost, it’s about treating your body well and living the way you want.

3. My most important issue: GET INSPIRED! Social media offer a wide range of inspirational platforms. I love to watch other curvy women and I discover pieces which I thought would not suit my body type at all. I like them on others though. And this is when you realize that yes, you can, it encourages you to try new things with a lot more self-confidence. I’m glad about having the chance to inspire others and I’m tremendously grateful and happy about your countless messages.


Text: Charlotte Kuhrt