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“This Is Us“ star Chrissy Metz – That’s why She is our new Role Model!

Strong emotions, rivers of tears and tons of love – the new US series “This Is Us“ is breaking all records. The secret star of the series is without doubt Chrissy Metz (36).For the last few weeks the family Pearson’s life is being shown on German TV. Every Wednesday
at 9:15 PM we can share the thrill with Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia & Co. on ProSieben.

In “This Is Us“, Chrissy Metz takes the role of the overweight character Kate Pearson. And plays it so well that fans worldwide are at her feet. The special thing about Chrissy: she’s not a size zero-lady. She’s curvy and takes pride in it. It’s about time to take a closer look at Hollywood’s new rising star.


New Curvy Queen

Before her breakthrough with “This Is Us“, nearly nobody knew about the 36 years old. By now, she’s regarded as an insiders’ tip, has adorned the cover of US magazine “Hollywood Reporter” alongside Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Oprah Winfrey.

She doesn’t mind standing out from slim women. As well on photos as on TV she clearly shows: there’s no need for curvy women to hide away. Or, to put it another way: they should show themselves – openly, in fact.

„Is slim beautiful?“

“Apart from the fact, that I totally identify with being a plus size girl in this business, you normally don’t see this type of women on TV“, says Chrissy in an interview with US magazine „Entertainment Tonight“. “To me it is so important that women see themselves on TV instead of these beautiful size zero people.“

For Chrissy, the beauty of a person is not determined by a clothing size.

„I don’t understand why this is such big thing. Okay, I somehow get it because media tell us that slim is beautiful. But is it, really?”, wonders the 36 years old in a conversation with ”Marie Claire“ magazine. “To me, people who don’t eat and smoke must be unhappy.”

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am am

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von the Curvy am


„I wear what I want!“

However, the actress is aware that not everyone understands the good sense of her body. When Chrissy hit the latest MTV Movie Awards in a burgundy latex dress of designer Jane Doe Latex – sexy, skintight, to put it in a nutshell: an outfit raising disparaging comments and malicious body shaming from her critics.

But Chrissy kept her chin up and stroke back – by choosing the right words, of course. “For the record, I wear what I want, when I want. News flash: it is MY body. #thankstho”, she defended herself against the critique on Twitter.

True words, going straight to every plus size-girl’s heart. One thing is for sure: we need more strong women like Chrissy Metz.