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We wish you a Merry Christmas!

The editorial staff of The Curvy Magazine has collected some personal Christmas thoughts.

Every year, most people return to their hometown to spend Christmas Eve with their families. We also make a short holiday break to gather some strength and energy for the new year. But before, we’d like to share our cherished Christmas memories with you.



I love the scent of Christmas! The mix of oranges, punch and gingerbread enchants me every year anew.




On every 24 December with “Three Nuts for Cinderella” latest, I’m caught by the festive mood as well. At this very moment, the world seems to stand still. It’s like someone is pulling out the plug.



During the holiday season, old friends and the whole family meet in my hometown. It’s a perfect opportunity for cosy Christmas feasts with the family and rollicking parties with best friends.




Christmas is square and redundant – that’s what our parents, who are part of the 68 generation, used to tell us. It’s logical that I do opposite with my kids, isn’t it? Advent wreath, home-made cookies, Christmas decoration everywhere, singing together and, of course, a beautiful Christmas tree – the full range. But: to fill and cord 72 little bags (three sons by 24) is a devil of a job every year. Will it ever stop?!



For me, Christmas Eve is the perfect opportunity to say “thank you” – we do it few and far between. Far from the big holiday season’s present-mess, the family is what counts most.



At our house, the holiday season is always quite stressful. But on Christmas Eve, when the whole family is singing under the tree, we’re all caught by a deep inner freedom. I’m always enjoying these few minutes to the full and think of this moment when the other days get stressful again.




Christmas Eve means childhood to me: decorate the tree by candlelight, unwrapping presents for about two hours, stay awake for longer because of the midnight mass and this tingling mix of excitement and anticipation, when the little bell rings… beautiful!



As a child, I was fascinated by Father Christmas – the handing out of presents was always the most beautiful thing to me. In the meantime, Christmas is rather stressful for me. But as soon as the pre-Christmas razzmatazz settles down and it becomes quiet, I’m spending peaceful days with my family.



With this in mind: Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday season and spoil yourself!


Translation: Danielle De Bie