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World Gratitude Day – Let us all be Grateful!

The World Gratitude Day is a good occasion to remember what’s really important in life. We’ve summarized our and your TOP 5!

In times of smartphone, tablet and subway TV there’s not much time left to think about what we’re grateful for. We’re taking much for granted, things which mean sheer luxury to others. Together with you, we’d like to take the opportunity and sit back to say thank you, for everything which makes our lives beautiful and worth living.

You’ve been sending us plenty of messages and here come our favourites:

1. Corinna:

I’m grateful for living in a country where the dignity of men is unimpeachable. To make sure it remains like this, I’m also grateful for being allowed to vote on Sunday!

2. Franziska: 

I’m incredibly grateful for having my two healthy children!

3. Florence

I’m particularly grateful for the sun is coming back these days and it’s getting a bit warmer, this makes me feel grateful at the moment!

4. Emma

I’m grateful for many things. I’ve been through tough times and I’m grateful above all to smile again.

5. Jess

I’m very grateful for my family and friends who are always there for me.


And this is the TOP 5 of our editorial staff:

1. I’m grateful for having a chance to get a quality education.

2. I’ve found a soul mate, and this is what makes me feel tremendously grateful!

3. Today, I’m very grateful for my vintage bike rolls again.

4. Every morning, I’m grateful for my coffee.

Last but not least:

5. We all are grateful for your support… THANK YOU!

Translation: Danielle De Bie