Magazine: February Issue

A great business issue to herald a new fashionable year!

A friend of mine once said: “My life is like a song by Rhianna. I don’t understand one half of it, and the other half is just about work, work, work!” Isn’t it the same for all of us? We’re spending most of our life working.

And that’s why we should spend this time as pleasant as possible. Whether with beautiful business outfits, nice gadgets on our desk or wacky workspaces. We’ve filled our February issue with everything that could render your daily work routine as “bearable” as possible.

Our editorial “A Feeling of Success“ will be all about awesome and elegant business clothes. All good things come in threes – and that’s the same for completing your business outfit: you only need a bag, shoes and jewellery that matches! We’ll show you our favourites. Going for a drink after work?  That happens more often than one thinks. With us, you’ll learn how to pimp up your makeup from office-like to bar-fit!

The work environment is what’s most important in our opinion! And therefore, our office looks like a living room – on our desk and all around it. We’ll show you hot gadgets and stylish co-working spaces worth being seen. Furthermore, we’ve been talking to two women who, on top of their curves, love their job. Their interviews provide a close up of these power ladies as well as insights into their opinion about women in leading positions.

Last but not least, our magazine finally has an op-ed column. Caterina Pogorzelski of will fill the last page in the future, and you may have a say! This time, she’s talking about beauty ideals.

But see yourself! Have fun with browsing the pages!

Translation: Danielle De Bie




Knowing is better than wondering! 2018 will bring much exciting news around “the Curvy Magazine”!
Stay Tuned!