Magazine: September Issue

With the start of the new season introduce you to the trend essentials in fashion and beauty and to our cover girl, Curvy Supermodel 2017 Hanna, to be discovered in a fashion spread.

Far too quick but… summer is over and the first thick pullovers have meanwhile seen the light of day. But don’t be scared, the new season doesn’t have to hide. We introduce you to the trend essentials and how they can be styled. With Hanna, Curvy Supermodel 2017, we show you to what extent the trend colour red can be sexy and elegant. Especially the combination of various shades of red up to vibrant pink scares away rainy fall.

Leopard print and leather are best friends since ever. And again, designers revive them this season for new and fresh interpretations. Together with Anastasiya, we show you that leopard leather combinations can be exciting, sexy and elegant – exactly like London! Our favourite city is the inspiration if this great fashion spread.

Not to be missed: the new inspirations in beauty. The bronze trend is good as gold and red eyeshadows addresses to the bold and the brave. Both are worth a try, big time!

We’ve reached the end of these eight great trends which cannot be missed this fall. Well… not really since we top them all – by, let’s say, half a trend. There’s nothing better than to sit on our couch, cuddly, with a hot cup of tea, to shut out cold autumn winds and to just relax. This is exactly the trend we’re very much looking forward to.

Translation: Danielle De Bie




Die Nächste Ausgabe von „the Curvy Magazine“ erscheint am 2. Oktober!

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